Core Gameplay

How do I get more stars in my challenges?

Styling scores are 100% dependent on voting. The best way to get stars is to follow the spirit of the challenge and make an amazing style people like!

How does the like bar work?

Every time you fill the like bar you will get a gift box. The more times you fill the bar the more likes you will need and the better the reward will be! The bar will reset at the end of the week.


How do I level up?

Every time you get a gift box you will get experience too. The better the gift box the more experience you’ll get.


What does promoting do?

Promoting will show the promoted post to a certain amount of random players for 2 hours. It’s a great way to get likes and followers!

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What do I get for following players?

Following players makes their posts show up in your feed. Forming relationships with other players and liking back the people who like your style posts is the best way to get likes!

Do I get anything for having lots of followers?

For now your posts will get more visibility. However, we are working on features to reward players with a lot of followers.

How does the Fashion League leaderboard work?

The Fashion League leaderboard updates every 12 hours with all your likes and stars. Each like is worth 1 fame and each star is worth 10 fame. So if in 12 hours you’ve earned 7 stars from styling and 10 likes you will get 80 fame.

After that, the top players of each tier will move to a higher tier. You will earn one reward every time for moving tiers and one big reward at the end of the season depending on the tier.

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How do I get more cash?

You can get cash from gift boxes, entering challenges, and daily activities.

How do I get more gems?

You can get gems from gift boxes, from leveling up, and from daily activities.

How do I get more inspiration?

You can get inspiration every hour by voting and every 12 hours by visiting other players. You can also get inspiration from daily activities.


How do I get bronze/silver/gold tokens?

You can get tokens from gift boxes. The better the gift box the more likely you are to get gold tokens. The best way to get tokens, however, is to climb up the ranks of the Fashion League.

How do I get event stars and event tokens?

You can get event stars by playing event challenges. All the stars earned from those challenges will be converted to event stars and can be used to roll the die. You will get an event token reward every time you move from one board to another.


Tips & Tricks

How do I buy hair and makeup from the styling menu?

You can tap and hold on any item to see the full screen menu or press on the ? icon. From there you can buy it granted you have enough tokens.


How do I share my profile?

Go to your profile, tap on your avatar picture, and tap on share profile. Then post it or copy paste it wherever you want to share it.
In case of customer support, you can also just take a screenshot of the Account ID and send it to us so we know who you are.

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How do I scroll back up to the top on the main feed?

Tap twice on the Home icon and you’ll be taken to the top of the feed!

Something is broken! How can I contact you?

You can contact us at